About Us

I've always grown up with a love for watches and the unique way a person can use it to reflect their personality. Every watch I've owned I see as an extension of my self and something more than just a way to tell time. My grandfather was a collector of watches and I feel grateful to have been given them which I plan to pass to future generations. 

Deciding to use wood and other products taken from nature for our products was an organic decision as I've always enjoyed the peaceful, serene feeling of nature. I hope that the watches you purchase from Trek Watches touches you in a unique way. Whether it be for yourself or a loved one.

TImeless, Natural and Stylish

Timeless - We believe that creating high-quality wooden watches that will last the test of time are important. Our watches have a modern but classic design, which allows you to wear them decades from now.
Natural - Our products are made from wood or nature-inspired materials which gives each person a connection with nature, even while indoors. We also focus on sustainability by donating a portion of sales to The Nature Conservancy Foundation (http://nature.org) which plants trees throughout the world. 
Stylish - Our products are designed to have a minimalist, attractive style that others will comment about. 


We're here to quickly provide you with the info and services you need & answer any questions you may have within 24 business hours.

Email: info@trekwatches.com

Phone: 864-993-1206 M-F 10am to 5pm EST

Mailing Address: 217 Pine Crest Drive Lot #5, Moncks Corner, SC, 29461, U.S.

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